Our mission is to craft compelling narratives from unique perspectives, life experiences, and the imagination while celebrating the art and oral tradition of storytelling.



Down in the dumps? Bored? Got that blue funk? Well, that's what this podcast is for. A public anthology of fiction and non-fiction short stories with a bit of poetry thrown in, Blue Funk Podcast is here to help you shake the crud and make the doldrums feel a little less drum.

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The Macabre Academy is a new podcast designed to teach you about all of the bizarre and unusual.  Tune in every Monday for our head mistresses to bring you exciting episodes about true crime, the paranormal, the occult, and miscellaneous oddities from around the world. 

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God, games and geekery is a series of devotionals about the crossroads of our faith & gaming. @BadGamerElite, an average joe who loves God and video games, will share his insights about the two and how they relate to each other and the human experience.

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Are you looking for light in this dark, shadowed world? Join Bob Lenz with a new Daily devotional series called Hope for Life - an inspiring message for your busy day. Each day Bob will share a new episode focusing on Bible verses relating to a weekly theme. To discover more, visit lifepromotions.org.

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Sound Maiden is a small podcast production company in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently, we have three podcasts in production - Blue Funk Podcast, The Macabre Academy, and God Games & Geekery. All three are seeing an awesome increase in listeners and generating interest worldwide. Each podcast can be found on all the major podcasting networks. 


As we grow, we realize there are still things we need. Podcasts, though easy and cheaper than most other entertainment mediums, still have cost for equipment, production, and hosting. Being that we are a small start up company, these resources are limited. Any amount of support helps. We appreciate any and all donations.