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Our mission is to craft compelling narratives from unique perspectives, life experiences, and the imagination while celebrating the art and oral tradition of storytelling.


Rachel Renee

My name is Rachel Renee, aka @Lady_SnipeShot. I'm the Founder and Executive Producer of Sound Maiden.


After graduating from Los Angeles Film School in 2018, I sort of lost my way. At the time, I had just moved to Pittsburgh - a new town with new people and experiences. I knew I wanted to continue in the media industry but couldn't seem to manage networking with fellow filmmakers and production teams while working full time, saving for buying a home and managing my personal life. It wasn't until I started working as a sound editor for a new, local podcast called If This Goes On (Don't Panic), that I realized I had all the tools and know how needed to create my own podcast. After a failed interview with another media position, I decided it was time for me to work on my own projects. So, I dove in head first!

Right after making the decision and commitment to podcasting and producing full time, the Coronavius Pandemic hit the US and shut everything down. Rather than a hinderance, I made it an opportunity - a creative opportunity, putting all of my efforts into Sound Maiden which now has four very different, growing podcasts, all of which have been heard across the globe. 

My advice to you is, if you've been wanting to do something new...just do it! It's truly amazing what you can do

when you really put your heart into what you love!

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